Grace Park & Robert Butler


Our Story

We met at Church over food. The rest is history.

Rob and Grace met at a MyChurch Connect group when they were volunteering to meet and have dinner with refugees.

One day, Grace offered half of a Black Forest cake she had made at her school baking class.

Rob asked her if she wanted to go to the Comiccon on
May 15, 2016. So they went to the Comiccon and then they headed to China Town for Dimsum.

Two years down the road… these two best friends are getting married.

로버트와 저는 캐나다로 피난 온 사람들과 저녁을 같이 먹고 사회적응을 도와주는 교회 모임에서 만났어요. 어느 날 학교에서 만든 케이크를 나눠 먹어야겠다고 생각이 들어 연락을 했고, 로버트는 같이 Comiccon(코믹콘)에 같이 가겠냐고 물어봤죠. 2016년 5월 15일, 저와 로버트는 첫 데이트로 코믹콘에 놀러갔고 차이나타운에 가서 딤섬을 먹었답니다.

2년 후.. 결혼식을 올리게 되었네요!

Robert Butler

Robert Butler

I was born in the rice patties of Cambodia rescued by my parents Don and Roslyn Butler.  Yup, they are awesome.

Fast forward a few years, to when I had just about given up thinking I would never find a woman that was 100% in on a relationship when one of my Groomsmen Derek Moore gave me his “Opportunity Costs Speech”.  So I decided to pull a 180 and that’s when I met this beautiful Korean Girl full of love with a huge heart and 100% in!

We met at a Church over a meal with the refugees, she offered me a cake – the rest is history.

Grace Park

Grace Park

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in Ottawa, Canada.

I fell in love with Rob because he has the biggest and warmest heart for people.
I love his firm values on family, friendship and trust.

He always makes me smile and laugh.


한국에서 태어나서 오타와, 캐나다에서 자랐어요.

로버트의 유머감각과 타인을 이해하고 포용하는
마음씨에 반해버렸답니다.

제가 항상 즐겁고 행복하기만을 바라는
착한 사람이랍니다.

The Wedding Party




JIWON PARK – Bridesmaid
A foodie, fashionista, best friend, and awesome sister who loves her selfies.

Jiwon is my younger sister who will be studying Business at Malaga University in Malaga, Spain for 6 months as an exchange student. We are always there for each other in our best and worst moments . #BestSisterEver

NATHAN FUNK – Groomsman (Posted to Japan, joining by Facebook Live)
Famous for starting a committee within a committee when discussing personal relationships, Nate is a Bros Bro. Lover of Tequila and feeding everyone, Nate who works in Japan will join via the internet. Dim Sum Brother for life. Patiently let me shut down the bar at his wedding. #GreyGoose

NATALIE ELIAS – Bridesmaid
Bachelorette Party Organizer Extraordinaire and professional world traveller.

Natalie would listen to all of your complaints, life problems, and relationship headaches (aka Rob’s ADHD) with a great patience, and she will give you a great advice. Natalie is naturally generous in every way. #BigHeart<3

TREVOR SMITH – Groomsman
Crosby’s most likely to be replacement future NHL’er TJ.  In a past life, Trevor was known to be the ultimate 2 am hot dog crusher, not to mention adding bovril to make the beef beefier. (I still do this). He held his wedding on a “Hallmark Holiday” (Feb 14th) and is not allowed to sit beside me at a movie screening.  Trevor has a family of four and lives halfway to Toronto in Barrhaven.

JO ANN COLAS – Bridesmaid
Leggings-loving, double-fisting, SciFi-loving statistician.

Awesome friend who moved far away recently to Montreal to start a new job, and a new adventure. Sweetest and funniest friend to hang out with. We would watch Sci-Fi shows together with a bag of popcorn, including Star Trek, Altered Carbon and Doctor Who. #SciFiBuddiesForLife

DEREK MOORE – Groomsman
Most likely to fly somewhere random like Australia for under $300.00. Derek is the ultimate travel deal finder. He has VIP boarding, VIP hotel, VIP car rentals and will be a VIP at the Butler residence for life. Known for great speeches like “You’re never going to find a girl if you spread yourself to thin. Opportunity costs.” #preach

CHRIS – Groomsman
#NoSocialMedia. Works somewhere, can’t discuss online.  Previously known as Cowboy (RIP). Chris delivered his wife’s second baby in the back of their truck. No really, I have the audio file somewhere here. Taylor is now #1 Dad in Russel and subordinate to Somer.





We are super excited for our big day!
결혼날까지 남은 시간!








Wedding Venue and Forecast

결혼식장 주소와 예상되는 날씨

 .   . 

Event Details

Date: Saturday, Oct 6, 2018
Time: 16:15-00:00
Location: Lansdowne Park Horticulture Building
1015 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 3P1
Attire: Wedding comfortable attire – except for McCrudden.

Predicted Weather

Temperature: 82°
Rain: 0%
Humidity: 10%
Wind: 3mph
POP:  Bring it.

Photos of Us

If you haven’t been on Facebook or any other social media of ours in the last little while, we thought we would share some photos here of us.

We’ve thrown in a tune you can listen to while you’re browsing. Check them out.

When I am with you, there’s no place I’d rather be.
Rather Be – Clean Bandit.

Here are some of our favorite worship songs.


Here are the recommended hotels if you are from out of town and are looking for great accomodations.  Also, need to discuss hotels, give us a call!
Andaz Ottawa by Hyatt


325 Dalhousie St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7G2


001 +1 (613) 321-1234
Boutique hotel located in the heart of the downtown market.  You’ll find it surrounded by plenty of pubs and restaurants.  There are museums just a ten minute walk away as well as Parliament Hill and a large indoor shopping mall.  Foreign exchange at 50 Rideau Street for anyone changing US$, Euros, Dinar, Krona or Pounds.

Rated: 4.0 stars by Google

Les Suites Hotel


130 Besserer St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9M9


001 +1 (613) 232-2000
Located in the heart of the downtown market. Lots of restaurants and pubs.  A major shopping Mall is one block away.

Parliament Hill and a large indoor shopping mall.  Foreign exchange at 50 Rideau Street for anyone changing US$, Euros, Dinar, Krona or Pounds.

Rated: 4.0 stars by Google.

Courtyard by Marriot


200 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3


001 +1 (613) 741-9862
Located 5 minutes by Uber.  There are plenty of restaurants and pubs for a drink and a bite to eat.  You are also 7 minutes via Uber to museums and Parliament Hill.  For those who want a cheaper price.

Courtyard by Marriot is also 11 minutes to the venue by Uber.

Rated: 3 stars by Google


NOTE: Events are confirmed, time may change a little bit.

(Various locations)

12:00-16:00 (Designed for people new to Ottawa or from out of town)
Lunch @ Tuckers Market Place
City Tour: Parliament Hill

18:00-21:00 (Wedding Party)
Rehearsal Dinner
St. Bartholomew’s Church
125 MacKay St, Ottawa, ON K1M 2B4

21:30-00:00 (Rob’s Friends)
Friends Night @ The Pub with Rob

(All @ Horticulture Centre)

16:15 Doors Open

16:45 Ceremony
Grace and Rob Get Hitched!

17:10 Social Time
Beer and Wine and Fingerfoods

18:45-20:00 Food Time
Butler’s Buffalo Bills Tailgate BBQ Party hosted by Jared Boucher and special guest MC TBA.

20:00-00:00 Reception
After BBQ Reception and Party

(Chateau Laurier)

11:00-13:00 (Friends n’ Family)
Brunch @ Wilfrid’s

(St. Bartholomew’s Church)

17:00-21:00 (Family)
Great Canadian Family Thanksgiving
St. Bartholomew’s Church,
125 MacKay St, Ottawa, ON K1M 2B4

Gift Ideas

We won’t be needing stuff but would really love a donation to put towards travel so we can make new memories!

Wedding RSVP (Now closed) 


RSVP’s for the Grace (Hye Ryung Park) and Rob Butler wedding is now closed.  Please make sure you bring a valid piece of I.D. that matches your RSVP. You will need this to confirm admission to our venue @ Lansdowne Park.
We can‘t wait to see you on our special day.


Decor by Dawna and Christian Sauve

More to add shortly.

More to add shortly.


Robert Butler ( | IMessage: 001 +1 613-769-9728
Grace (Hye Ryung) Park ( | Imessage: 001 +1 613-298-6371